Drought in the Kruger: 7 good reasons to visit now

Summer 2015-2016 had been a very hot and dry season and the strong El Niño phenomenon, which causes the hot and dry weather, resulted in a severe regional drought. The whole of the Kruger National Park is also feeling the pinch. For those unfamiliar with Nature’s regulatory rhythms it may sound like a disaster and might think of avoiding the Kruger altogether to spare themselves witnessing animals suffering. The truth is that a dry season might be one of the best times to visit the Kruger (although it is a magical place all the time, wet dry, hot or cold).

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Visit the Kruger for mahala

South African National Parks Week: 12-16 September 2016

In 2016, South African National Parks is celebrating its 11-year anniversary of Parks Week.  The inaugural South African National Parks Week took place in 2006 and was aimed at linking the South African national parks system to the global national movement and to also showcase the best of South Africa’s national parks. This year, entry to the Kruger National Park is free to South African citizens* from 12 to 16 September.

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Bosberaad: Conferencing at Bushveld Terrace

Conference Packages

Already recognised as the jewel of Phalaborwa for business and leisure travellers alike, we now also offer intimate conference facilities for those undisturbed breakaway strategic sessions. Catering for groups of 6 to 30, our air-conditioned conference room boasts WiFi, digital projectors and screens. Add sumptuous gourmet food, the cool, contemporary luxury of our hotel rooms and leisure activities related to our location right at the Phalaborwa Gate of the Kruger National Park, and you’ve found your freedom.

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Go North - the alternative route to the Kruger

So there I was. Aimlessly pushing around paper on my desk on a nondescript Wednesday morning. Cold, tired, ever so slightly bored and the open road-bug gnawing at my right foot incessantly. That horrible first cold front had hit Jozie with a vengeance and brought with it yet another evil mutated strain of influenza-bronchitis-up-all-night-madness-itis. The whole family had barely recovered when the weather bureau warned in that sadistic happy radio voice that number two was en route.

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Masorini - a trip back in time

Trip back in time to a beautifully restored Stone Age village in the Kruger National Park.

Situated on top of the picturesque Masorini Hill 11km from Phalaborwa Gate (and the Bushveld Terrace Hotel) on the road to Letaba camp, Masorini offers a glimpse of an organised economy that existed before the arrival of European settlers in South Africa. The village also gives insight into the lifestyle of the Stone Age hunter-gathering society that formed an integral part of the natural environment in Kruger National Park.

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